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General Terms & Conditions

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These terms and conditions shall apply to all work carried out in the provision of services by TOTAL NETWORK SOLUTIONS (EUROPE) Ltd to the customer in accordance with the quote or sales order and agreed by a representative of the customer.

No additions to, or modifications of, these terms and conditions shall have effect unless expressly agreed in writing by both parties and expressed to be amendments to these Terms and Conditions.

TOTAL NETWORK SOLUTIONS (EUROPE) Ltd employees or agents are not authorised to make any representations whatsoever concerning the provision of services unless confirmed by TOTAL NETWORK SOLUTIONS (EUROPE) Ltd and alternative written and signed agreement is agreed. 

The customer acknowledges that it does not rely on, and waives any breach of, any such representations that are not so confirmed.

Payment Terms

All non-framework agreement course bookings shall be paid for in advance by electronic transfer or credit / debit card.  Prices charged will be determined on each course / assessment requirement at time of booking.  TOTAL NETWORK SOLUTIONS (EUROPE) LTD from time to time offer special offers or discounts.


Such discounts are normally advertised on TOTAL NETWORK SOLUTIONS (EUROPE) Limited Website . No amendments shall be made to existing bookings whilst such special offers or discounts fall outside the booking window for such offers.

Frame work agreements will be Prices charged that will be agreed between TOTAL NETWORK SOLUTIONS (EUROPE) Limited and the customer and confirmed on the quote and on the customer sales order.  TOTAL NETWORK SOLUTIONS (EUROPE) Limited may also agree payments to be made by bacs or cheque. Payment details will be provided on the quotation.

Confirmation of booking

Places on training courses are reserved immediately upon completion of confirmation of bookings joining instructions and an official booking confirmation/sales order will be forwarded prior to the course.


Payments must be made prior to commencement of the course.


Framework agreement bookings provisional places for open courses will be secured at time of conformation of the booking. TOTAL NETWORK SOLUTIONS (EUROPE) Limited must receive written confirmation (email) of your agreement with a Purchase Order number.

Cancellation and transfers

Cancellations received on the day will incur the full fee. No refunds shall be made.

If cancellation is received within one working day (24 hours) prior to the event, 100% of the fee will be required or 25% refunded if full payment has been received.

If cancellation is received within ten working days (10 days) prior to the event, 50% of the fee will be required or refunded if full payment has been received.

If you wish to transfer your booking to a later date, this may be done but no less than 48 hours before the original course date. In these instances, no additional cost is involved if full payment has already been received, however TOTAL NETWORK SOLUTIONS (EUROPE) Ltd reserves the right to cancel any course or service at any time after giving written notice to the buyer.

Course documentation policy

Where the learner or customer is provided with course notes and handouts to serve as a reference tool for use after the event, these must not be used for cascade training purposes and/or copied. All the literature is covered by copyright. Reproduction of the handouts is not allowed without express permission of TOTAL NETWORK SOLUTIONS (EUROPE) Limited

Data protection

TOTAL NETWORK SOLUTIONS (EUROPE) Ltd has strict policy to keep any personal information you supply for providing the service you require. It is not passed to other organisations without written permission from the individual or customer. Total Network Solutions (Europe) Ltd may from time to time wish to send you information about other courses, services or products and special offers. If you would prefer not to receive such information please ensure you advise us in writing or by email please read our privacy policy for full details 

Delegate Suitability

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the course is suitable for their requirements and they hold prerequisites for the course. All delegates should have read and understood the course outline and met the necessary prerequisites and may be asked to bring evidence to support the knowledge and prerequisites requirements. 


Delegates who do not meet the course prerequisites requirements may not be allowed on the course, however they will be liable for full payment of the course fees.

Personal Protective Equipment / Tools / Equipment Requirements

Our joining instruction or framework agreements will define the requirements for appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), specialist tools, plant and equipment required for the course. 


These items must be fit for purpose with appropriate checks and in calibration if required. Failure to provide these items or their condition may result in the course being abandoned and this will incur full course charge.

Equality and Diversity Statement

TOTAL NETWORK SOLUTIONS (EUROPE) has a duty to meet the needs of all the candidates who declare a disability. If you have a disability or additional needs which require assistance to fully participate on the course, you must advise us prior to arrival for the event.  


Any information divulged will be kept fully confidential.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety of individuals on site is paramount. An H&S induction shall be giving on arrival. Failure to adhere to the site health and safety requirements may result in individuals being asked to leave the site. 


TOTAL NETWORK SOLUTIONS (EUROPE) Limited Smoking Policy strictly prohibits smoking inside the building, your course tutor will arrange suitable comfort/smoke breaks, and smoking should be limited to the outside area.

Times & Course Description

Delegates will be advised of the start and finish times of courses, consultancy days and full course descriptions upon booking confirmation. Joining instructions for open courses will be forwarded prior to the course. 


Late arrivals may not be allowed to join the class if it is deemed to affects others in meeting the course curriculum.

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