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The Fiber Optic Association (FOA) are an international, non-profit educational organisation that is chartered to promote professionalism in fibre optics through education, certification and standards. Founded in 1995 by a dozen prominent fibre optics trainers and industry personnel as a professional society for fibre optics and a source of independent certification, the Fiber Optic Association (FOA) has grown to now being involved in numerous activities to educate the world about fibre optics and train the workers who design, build and operate the world’s fibre optic networks.

FOA Approved School

Total Network Solutions Europe Ltd is proud to support the Fiber Optic Association, our school and instructors promote the Fiber Optic Association with all our training. Our school ID is 764 and can been found on the Fiber Optic Association website. We currently offer the Certified Fibre Optic Technician course (CFOT) and Certified Fibre Optic Specialist course fibre to the Home (CFOS/H).

The History of the Fiber Optic Association

The Fiber Optic Association (FOA) was started by a dozen instructors at the Fiber U training conference in 1994 who decided the industry was mature enough to support a professional society. The founders included experienced instructors from industry (3M, Siecor, Panduit, FOTEC), government (US Navy and Air Force), education (Lincoln Trail College and Wentworth Institute) and private trainers (Pearson Technologies, Conquest Communications) who were teaching fibre optics and who provided the expertise in management, technology and education needed to create a new professional society.

FOA Technical Materials

FOA creates and publishes its own technical materials for training and reference. Having access to the experts who train around the world ensures the materials are up to date, technically correct and universally applicable.

These same instructors provide input on the newest technologies and applications which get included in the technical references and often results in the addition of a FOA certification.

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