Resettlement Training in Fibre Optics

This course is well suited for any service leavers whether you have a technical background or not. The course is the entry requirement into the telecoms industry, with excellent career progression in a rapidly changing industry where bandwidth and new emerging technologies are constantly changing.

TNS Europe is one of the industry leaders that deliver the City and Guilds 3667 qualification across Europe, Middle East and Africa in fibre optics and data cabling.

Why choose us?

We train delegates to industry standards, and use problem based learning in a real world environment where our instructors train you to the highest standards, using 70% hands on training with real scenarios.

We are constantly praised by City and Guilds and leading manufacturers for the way we teach which has made us one of the industry’s leading training providers in fibre optics and data cabling, this is because our industry approved trainers still work within the industry and work closely with vendors to keep our knowledge and expertise up to date, which reflects in our training.

This is why more service leavers are choosing us as their resettlement training provider, we keep our class sizes small so you get more hands on training in our real world training environment.

We are approved by the career transition partnership(CTP) and enhanced learning credit (ELCAS)

What does the course cover?

The City and Guilds 3667-02 is broken down in the following modules:

Unit 1 Principles of Communications (Core Module)

This module forms the foundation of the course where you will learn basic electrical theory, wave forms, network topologies, health and safety, transmission theory and much more.

Unit 2 Fibre optics installation and testing of internal networks
You will learn how install, terminate and test fibre optic cabling used in local area networks, data centres, and use various termination techniques used for connectors, anaerobic, heat cure and fusion splicing. This module focuses on internal networks.

Unit 3 Fibre optics installation and testing of external networks
You will learn how to install, terminate and test fibre optics in external networks, mainly telecoms, using the latest state of the art test equipment, and build and test a network within our training lab.

Unit 4 Voice and Data Cabling
You will learn how to install and test a variety of copper cabling solutions using Cat5E, Cat6, Cat6A, Telephony and coaxial cabling.
All these units form part of the QCF which means they can be transferred to other qualifications like the City and Guilds 7540-03 IT Practitioners or move into design of overhead, underground or Enterprise network cabling City Guilds 3667-03.

Some of the roles you can do when you complete the course with us are as follows:
  • Data cabling installation Engineer
  • Fibre Optic Engineer
  • Cable Engineer
  • Telecoms Engineer
  • Broadband Engineer
  • Data Centre Engineer
  • Transmission Engineer
  • And many others
This course is also suitable for:
  • Anyone
  • IT Technicians
  • Project managers
  • IT Managers
  • Electricians
  • Building Management System Engineers
Call us on 01782 914001 to discuss your resettlement requirements and your welcome to come and have a look around and meet the team.