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Fibre Optic Gets Boost from American Research

The future of fibre optic data cabling has received a literal boost from researchers at the University of California San Diego who have come up with a way to increase the distance of data signals without adding to signal loss or distortion. If their research proves commercially viable, it could ..

UK Data Centres Expected to Dominate Europe by 2020

TNS Europe has known since the founding of our company how important data cabling and advanced networking is to the UK economy. A new report forecasting the future of data centres in Europe only confirms our long-held beliefs. The report suggests that the UK will dominate the European data centr..

Hull City Centre Getting Upgraded Fibre-Optic Network

The 256,000 residents of the city of Hull are probably unaware of the miles of fibre-optic cabling buried beneath the city streets. However, that will change in the near future thanks to a joint project between MS3 and CityFibre. The two companies will be upgrading the entire network within the ..

Dutch Company Combines Fibre-Optic Networks and Space Heating

Imagine getting your first job as a fibre optic cable installer only to discover that the work you do will be providing space heat in residential homes. It may seem unreal, but it is actually a reality in the Netherlands. An enterprising network server provider has embarked on an unusual plan th..

Consortium to Connect Continents via Undersea Cables

What would you get if you combined a love for deep-sea exploration with expertise in data cabling? A job opportunity with a brand-new consortium put together for the purposes of connecting the continents using undersea cables. The consortium is made up of Microsoft, Hibernia and Aqua Comms. ..

Network Installation and Security Concerns for Broadcasting

Last month's cyber-attack on French national television broadcaster TV5 Monde was unparalleled in its scale and scope. More importantly, however, it served to shed new light on security concerns relating to broadcasting companies and network installations. Protecting against such attacks in the ..

Technology Companies Concerned about Skills Shortage

During the weeks leading up to the Chancellor's 2015 budget announcement, there was plenty of optimism that the Government would be dedicating more resources to addressing the skills shortage now prevalent across many industries. Unfortunately, Chancellor Osborne did not indicate any substantial..

Sheffield Joins Group of 49 Super Connected Cities

The city of Sheffield is wired with a £100 million fibre-optic network that connects some 80% of its homes and businesses. So why is the city so far behind in terms of superfast broadband connections? Because the network was shut down last year due to heavy financial losses. That has all changed..

Government Awards Lucrative School ICT Contracts to 21 Vendors

Following a Crown Commercial Service (CCS) announcement last autumn, data cabling and network service providers began compiling bids for contracts relating to a new information and communications technology (ICT) framework for schools. The total value of the contracts is estimated to be worth at..

Survey: Consumers Want Faster, More Reliable Broadband

While telecoms and broadband providers aggressively compete for customers by offering multi-service packages, those same customers say they would be happy to forgo packages including TV, landline and mobile services in exchange for a faster and more reliable broadband connection. According to a ..

Repurposing Old Buildings for New Networking Capabilities

The arrival of a data cabling and network installation crew to an old building can only mean one thing: the building is being repurposed as part of a strategy of developing new networking capabilities for its owner. Such is the case with a former television station once used to house and produce..