FOA Fibre to the Home

Hands on Fibre to the Home course

This course provides delegates with principle and hands on knowledge to complete fibre to the home installation and commissioning. The course covers all aspect of FTTx networks but arms them with the skills to install, troubleshoot and maintain a FTTx solutions.

  • Qualification: FOA CFOS/H Emtelle Blown Fibre I&M
  • Awarding Body: The Fibre Optics Association & Emtelle
  • CSCS: No
  • Prerequisites: Certified Fibre Optic Technician
  • Instructor ratio: 8:1
  • Who is it taught by: Qualified FOA/Emtelle Instructors
  • Course duration: 4 Days
  • Cost: £650.00 +vat
  • ELCAS Funded: No
  • Location: Staffordshire

FTTx Course Overview

This course provides students with the knowledge to work on fibre to the X where can be a home, business, Cabinet, Building. The course covers current trends within the industry and looks at EPON, GPON, Fibre optic broadband point to point, point to multi point and many other technologies to deliver FTTH.

This is the future of telecoms networks with bandwidth pushing providers to move to FTTx solutions the skill and expertise to deliver these services around the globe are in high demand with this skillset of FTTH experience as a Certified Fibre Optic Specialist FTTH you will have the knowledge and skills to build and install FTTH solutions.

As well as learning the theory you will also get hands on practical experience installing and testing Passive Optical Networks this course is classed as a specialist subject by the FOA and delegates must have completed the CFOTS course before attending this course.

Career progression you can go on to cover more specialist courses from the FOA including CFOS/FTTA CFOS/Testing and CFOS/Data centre cabling or even move into design of networks CFOS/A.

The Fibre Optic Association is a global organisation promoting specialist training worldwide TNS Europe is one of a few selected companies serving the FOA across the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Once you pass the FOA CFOT’s course and you become a member of a global organisation where you can find jobs worldwide.

  1. Fibre to the x concepts
  2. fibre to the home installation
  3. Fibre Optic testing in FTTx
  4. Blown fibre practical installation and testing

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The course is designed for new entrants or experienced fibre engineers in telecoms, The fibre to the home course is geared around 70% practical hands on experience so you gain maximum hands on training in a real world environment. Our centre is dedicated to the industry and we pride ourselves on being the best in the industry. It is also suitable for the following:

  • Telecom Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Fibre Optic Installers
  • Field Supervisors
  • Anyone

Course Content

The course content covers fibre to the x where X can be the Home, Premises, Building, Node, etc every network operator/provider will have their own solution but this course covers all aspects from direct point to point through to PON solutions

  • Fibre to the Home
  • Fibre to the Curb
  • Multi Dwelling Units
  • BPON
  • EPON
  • GPON
  • Blown Fibre Solutions
  • Blown Fibre Installation
  • FTTx Testing
  • Splitter Concepts
  • And Much more


Fiber Optic Association: Certified Fiber Optic Specialist (Home) CFOS/H
Emtelle Blown Fibre Installation & Maintenance


This course runs for 4 days every 3 weeks

Group/Company Bookings

For group and company bookings please call us to discuss as group discounts will be available

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