3667-02 C&G Fibre Optics Data Cabling Training Course

The C&G 3667 level 2 course formerly C&G 3666

The C&G 3667 level 2 course formerly C&G 3666 is the starting point for anyone wanting to get into an exciting career in communications. You may already be an engineer but have no formal qualification because you have completed on the job training. More and more companies, councils, universities etc, are asking contractors, engineers and companies for this formal qualification regardless whether you have completed manufacturers training, they now want to see vocational training certificates.

  • Qualification: C&G (City & Guilds) 3667-02
  • Awarding Body: City & Guilds
  • Course duration: 9 days
  • Location: Staffordshire

The City and Guilds 3667-02 is broken down in the following modules:

  1. Unit 1 Principles of Communications (Core Module)
  2. Unit 2 Fibre optics installation and testing of internal networks
  3. Unit 3 Fibre optics installation and testing of external networks
  4. Unit 4 Voice and Data Cabling covering both data cabling Cat5E, Cat6, Cat6A, Telephony and Coaxial

If you require a CSCS card then you have to complete the C&G 3667 communications cabling; without it you will not get a card which means you cannot get on site.

All these units form part of the QCF which means they can be transferred to other qualifications like the City and Guilds 7540-03 IT Practitioners or move into design of overhead and underground networks or Enterprise network cabling City Guilds 3667-03.

The course is designed for new entrants or experienced engineers in telecoms or data communications, all our courses are 60-70% hands on practical so you gain maximum hands on training some of the roles you can do when you complete the course with us are as follows:

  • Data cabling installation Engineer
  • Fibre Optic Engineer
  • Cable Engineer
  • Telecoms Engineer
  • Broadband Engineer
  • Data Centre Engineer
  • Transmission Engineer
  • And many others

Throughout this course you will taught by industry leading engineers and consultants, you will learn the correct procedures for installations and testing, learn to terminate and test you network infrastructure, learn how to correctly read test results, and be able to troubleshoot and rectify faults using TDR’s OTDR’s, Fluke DTX, ILM Testing and many more. We have a 100% first time pass rate on all our course even though they are closed book exams.

This course is also suitable for:

  • IT Technicians
  • Project managers
  • IT Managers
  • Electricians
  • Building Management System Engineers

You can do these in a combination of modules to suite your needs click on the course links below for the latest offers.

  1. C&G 3667-02 Fibre Optic Fast Track units 1, 2 & 3 course price £945.00
  2. C&G 3667-02 Certified Data Installer Units 4 Course price £550.00
  3. C&G 3667-02 Fibre internal or External units 1 & 2 or 3 Course price £900.00
  4. C&G 3667-02 Certified Network Installer Course all units Course price £1450.00
  5. C&G 3667-02 Telecommunications Principles Unit 1 price £125.00
  6. C&G 3667-03 Design & Planning Units 301 and 302 price £1425.00
  7. FOA CFOT's Certified Fibre Optic Technician price £900.00

Corporate clients who have more than 4 staff or more wanting training or a bespoke training package please call us for exclusive rates.

Please call us on 01782 914001 or email us at training@tnseurope.co.uk