CompTIA A + IT Support Technician

The Comptia A Plus course enables students to get hands on practical training in computer repair and maintenance. This course will have students rebuilding and repairing computer hardware by the end of the week, this includes installation of various operating systems and will enable you to become an IT repair technicaian
The topics are all hands on and yes you do all the installs etc, no projector group installs. TNS Europe ensures vendor-neutral training by exposing students to Windows XP, Vista, and 7 as well as open source O/S Linux. By the end of this course students will have the knowledge to build computers from basic components to complete to a complete working systems!

Why choose TNS

All delegates are provided with official course-ware. This includes the complete set of comptia A+ books as well as many‚Ä®other resources like official technical drafts, white-papers and case studies.
All students are furnished with materials like examination pads, pens, highlighters and other necessary stationary. Many other study aids are provided throughout the course ensuring each student an excellent learning experience.

  • Who is it for
  • What qualification do i get
  • What will i Learn
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  • Duration

Who is it for?

The course is designed for anyone wanting to get into IT support.
  • Basic PC skills
  • Basic PC navigation
  • Basic mouse and keyboard skills
  • No previous experience required

What will i get?

On completion of the course you will be required to sit an online examination with Pearson Vue, this is done at our training centre. The two exams count toward the A+ certification. The CompTIA A+ certification encompasses 2 different examinations, separated into 2 major categories:
  • Essentials Examination: 220-801 (CompTIA A+ Essentials).
  • Specialisation Examination: 220-802 (IT Technician).
Delegates must pass both exams to be awarded the CompTIA A+ certification, 1 exam from each category must be taken in order to achieve the A+ certification.

What jobs can i do?

  • Introduction to computing and Information Technology
  • Recognition and discussion on basic PC components
  • Electricity, power, resistance, EMI and ESD
  • PC & Laptop architecture and methodology
  • Sampling the working machine – analysis of interoperability of components
  • Systems breakdown including FRU’s like motherboard, CPU, RAM, Hard disk, Power supply etc…
  • Rebuilding the PC – good practice, finalising the close and troubleshooting
  • Rebuild sessions from scratch to functioning PC
  • Intoduction to operating systems, applications, interfaces and programming
  • Installation and configuration of DOS, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Linux!
  • Analysis of boot files, system files and extensions
  • Files systems including FAT, VFAT, FAT32 and NTFS
  • Peripheral installation, management and configuration including printers, scanners
  • Working with control panel and system tools for optimum machine configuration
  • System restore, MSINFO32, error reporting service and other serivces/ utilities
  • Configuration of video adapters, monitors and display. Analysis and input of DOS commands
  • Configure and manage disks and partitions as well as volumes using RAID systems
  • Disaster protection implementation using backups, restores and advanced recovery features
  • Configuration of ICS, ICF and Internet connectivity through dial-up, DSL, Cable and other media
  • TCP/IP utilities including ping, tracert, netstat, nbtstat, ipconfig and nslookup
  • Networking topologies, devices, media – including wireless, and connectivity solutions
  • Network Protocols, IP addressing (IPV4 + IPV6), connectivity
  • Network Security concepts

How to book?

Simply select your course from our bookings/events calendar or our shop products and purchase your course placement, alternatively fill out the enquiry form on the right and a member of our team will contact you.


£1240.00 incl vat, or 1 ELC claim


5 Days or you can choose to complete E-Learning

IT Technicians are in high demand and this vendor neutral course is the best in the industry if you would like to tlk to us about this course please call 01782 914001 or email us

Become CompTIA A+ Certified