UK Data Centres Expected to Dominate Europe by 2020

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TNS Europe has known since the founding of our company how important data cabling and advanced networking is to the UK economy. A new report forecasting the future of data centres in Europe only confirms our long-held beliefs. The report suggests that the UK will dominate the European data centre sector by the year 2020. In other words, the majority of data centre space in Europe will be located here. That would mean a significant increase in the number of jobs available for the network installation and troubleshooting arena.

The report, from Tariff Consultancy Limited (TCL), says that the UK, France, Germany, and the Netherlands already account for more than half of the available data centre space now in Europe. As much as half of the rack space in those countries is owned by six or seven major providers. However, TCL believes the UK is poised to extend capacity well beyond its competitors between now and the end of the decade.

TCL gives no concrete reasoning as to why it expects so much UK expansion, but it could be due to a changing philosophy of how data centres are built and managed. A more flexible model is now being adopted that makes it possible for facility owners to offer different levels of dedicated space, different power configurations, and more flexible pricing configurations in a single facility. The push towards a more flexible data centre is taking hold here faster than it is elsewhere. We are more ready to accept smaller, modular data centres rather than insisting on always pushing for larger and less flexible solutions.

Industry Expansion Means Jobs

Regardless of the reasoning behind forecasting UK dominance in the European data centre sector, TNS Europe is excited nonetheless. We know that we have a great pool of talented people just ready and waiting to be trained to be part of this exciting technology arena. We can train and put more people to work as the data centre industry expands throughout the UK. Furthermore, TNS Europe does not have to stop there. We are also happy to train data cabling and network installation specialists to work in the other dominant markets in France, Germany, and the Netherlands.

It is clear that stakeholders in the UK are positioning themselves to be the European leaders in networking technology and internet connectivity. Between data centre construction, high-speed broadband deployment, and the development of urban fibre-optic networks, the UK has become the place to be for networking specialists looking for exciting and rewarding careers. It is also the place to be for investment funds, for any company that wishes to take a chance on a technology start-up.

When you enrol in classes at TNS Europe, you are taking advantage of your opportunity to be part of what could be the biggest growth industry in Europe for the next several decades. Whether you are interested in network installation, troubleshooting, design, or engineering, TNS Europe has the accredited courses you need to start a new career or advance your current position. Take a few minutes to browse our course selection for more information about what we offer.

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