Train to Be a Cisco Certified Network Associate at TNS

cisco certified training courses by TNS Europe

Investors are suddenly bullish on Cisco Systems Inc. after five years of flat earnings. What does this have to do with you, as a networking and cabling professional? It has everything to do with you when you consider that Cisco is the world's largest provider of internetworking and communication systems. Investors are bullish because Cisco is on the verge of exceptional growth; growth it has not seen in five years. That means more companies will be purchasing Cisco Systems, requiring more network specialists to install and maintain them.

Cisco provides their customers with a full range of equipment, covering everything from IP phones to the latest VPN solutions. Being trained and certified to work on Cisco Systems automatically gives you an inroad into this highly competitive field. It could be your ticket to a long-term career with good pay and plenty of opportunity. At TNS Europe, we offer the Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 2 CCNA course.

What You'll Learn

As a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), you already have a fundamental understanding of basic Cisco Systems. Our Part 2 course enhances the knowledge you already possess by training you in a number of different areas essential to installing and maintaining the latest Cisco Systems. This CCNA course will teach you in the following:

  • Configuring and troubleshooting VLANs and interswitch connections
  • Configuration and troubleshooting RSTP operations
  • Basic operation of Cisco routing devices
  • IP addressing and IP services for enterprise applications
  • IPv6 requirements for protocols, dual stack, tunnelling, etc.
  • Router security, forwarding and troubleshooting
  • Basic NAT operation and implementation
  • Implementation and verification of WANs
  • Understanding VPN technology and its importance
  • PPP configurations between Cisco routers.

This course is a fast-paced and intense course that presents students with a tremendous amount of information. It is a five-day course utilising materials provided by a certified Cisco learning partner along with official courseware from Cisco. All students must have previously completed the ICND1 CCNET or CompTIA Network Plus course to be considered for this training.

How You Will Benefit

Being a Cisco Certified Network Associate with this training demonstrates your competence in working with the most complex Cisco communication systems on the market. This will directly benefit you by increasing the number of job opportunities you qualify for. As the world's largest internetworking and communications systems provider, Cisco dominates global communications and data networks at multiple levels. Not having this certification shuts you out from the opportunities made available through Cisco Systems deployment.

Make no mistake, this training course goes well beyond rudimentary data cabling and network installation. It is specifically designed to train you to work with certified Cisco Systems used by the world's largest companies and government agencies. CCNA certification puts you in the company of the industry's best technicians and engineers responsible for keeping global internet communications running.

As a CCNA professional, you will be contributing to the global communications environment that now makes it possible for businesses to interact from anywhere, in real time. Furthermore, you can be part of shaping the networking of the future by deploying and maintaining Cisco Systems. Cisco is getting ready for an exceptional year of growth for 2015, are you ready to join them? If so, get in touch with TNS Europe to learn more about this course.

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