Train to Be a Certified Level 4 Telecoms Professional at TNS

certified level 4 telecoms professional

The telecommunications paradigm of the past dictated that network communications, internet access, and telephone service be provided to retail and commercial customers via separate forms. The technology used to make it all work was very good for its day, but nothing compared to what we are working with now. Therefore, it should be no surprise that the race is on to integrate telecommunications into a single platform capable of providing service to customers at all levels.

You can be part of that race when you train to be a certified Level 4 Telecoms Professional at TNS. Our Level 4 training enables you to gain BTEC, FOIA, and C&G certifications that will ultimately be your ticket to working as a professional in the telecoms industry. You will possess a body of knowledge that qualifies you for a full range of jobs involved in installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting network hardware and infrastructure.

What You Will Learn

Candidates undertaking our Level 4 Telecoms Professional training will learn all aspects of telecommunication network design and installation in a concentrated and detailed format. Rather than just a basic overview of network installation principles, this course trains candidates to install, test, and maintain telecommunications networks from start to finish. Successful candidates will complete the course with the full body of knowledge and skills to work in every aspect of telecommunications networking, from the point of origin to the terminus at the customer's installation point.

This course includes the skills necessary to work with both fibre-optic and copper cabling. In addition, candidates will learn about networking hardware and how this integrates into robust and reliable network platforms, both locally and area wide. The three-week course is divided into the following modules:

Principles of telecommunications

Internal networks – fibre optic cabling

External networks – fibre optic cabling

Internal structured cabling

BTEC Level 4 telecoms professional (diploma)

Emtelle Blown Fibre Installer

Emtelle Blown Cable Installer



All candidates should understand that this course is a diploma level course that provides a BTEC Level 4 diploma in telecommunications along with additional certifications. Awarding bodies for this course are Edexcel BTEC, City & Guilds, FOA, and Emtelle.

Your Future Starts Here

As you are reading this course description, there are countless companies and government organisations working right now to streamline telecommunications and increase network speeds all across the UK. Whether it is research looking into improving the distance and speed of fibre optic cabling, or hands-on projects to install and maintain networks, the future is already in high gear within the telecoms industry. Your future in that industry starts here.

Over the next few years, we expect to see an explosion in the number of network installation and maintenance jobs on offer. There will certainly be individuals hired with a minimum of experience and education just to keep up with demand. However, those with excellent training and hands-on practice will be given priority. TNS Europe invites you to contact us for more information about this Level 4 course. We want to help you gain the knowledge and skills you need to be competitive in the telecommunications workplace.

BTEC Level 4 telecoms professional