Hull City Centre Getting Upgraded Fibre-Optic Network

Hull to get fibre optic cabling

The 256,000 residents of the city of Hull are probably unaware of the miles of fibre-optic cabling buried beneath the city streets. However, that will change in the near future thanks to a joint project between MS3 and CityFibre. The two companies will be upgrading the entire network within the city centre to a superfast fibre-optic network that should open business opportunities and provide individual consumers with a better product at better prices.

Both MS3 and CityFibre have been active in Hull for quite some time. MS3 owns and controls an existing set of data cables and ductwork that connect multiple businesses in the city centre to the internet. As for CityFibre, they are involved in mobile communications for business customers in the city.

The joint effort will allow CityFibre immediate access to MS3's existing ductwork. That means they will be able to lay additional fibre-optic cabling throughout the city centre to complete a high-speed network that currently exists only in pockets. The deal gives CityFibre access to nearly 20 miles of ductwork stretching from one end of the city to the other, eliminating the need for them to dig up city streets to lay new ductwork.

Once the network is complete, CityFibre intends to expand its services beyond the wireless world. They will start by offering high-speed internet access to business customers, but they will also be in a position to expand into residential service for customers living within the boundaries of the network. They are already working on deals with partners that would make expansion of their services possible.

Building the Network

Signing a deal with MS3 is just the start of the expansion project for CityFibre. Now they have to design the fibre-optic network and put the network installers in place to actually construct it. There is no word as to whether or not they will be hiring network installation specialists or use workers already on staff. That said, what CityFibre is doing in Hull is indicative of what is happening across the UK. Fibre optic is leading the way into the data communications of the future.

Network installers in Hull will lay the fibre-optic cabling using the existing ductwork provided by MS3. They will then connect that cabling to the various servers, routers, and switches that make up the system, before testing it and making it available to customers. It will be a years-long task that will provide lots of work for plenty of people.

Anyone thinking of a career in network installation or troubleshooting should see the project in Hull as a positive. It is just the latest scheme aimed at connecting all of the UK with high-speed broadband via fibre-optic cabling. It also serves as an illustration of why we believe so strongly in training programmes that prepare individuals to work in the network installation and troubleshooting fields. They are the fields to be in if one desires a long and productive career that offers excellent pay and long-term stability.

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