HM Forces Resettlement Training: TNS Europe Has It Covered

HM forces resettlement training

According to the Career Transition Partnership (CTP), a non-profit organisation tasked with helping former HM Forces and employers connect with one another, approximately 20,000 individuals leave the armed forces every single year. Each of these people has given themselves to protect us and our way of life. They deserve the opportunity to train for careers that will enable them to provide for their families for the remainder of their working lives. At TNS Europe, we are dedicated to doing our part with our HM Forces Resettlement Training.

TNS Europe is approved by the CTP and the Enhanced Learning Credit Scheme to provide former Armed Forces personnel with career training they need at a reduced cost. Our technology-based courses are discounted specifically for former military personnel in order to help them make the transition into civvy street easier and more affordable. And that's not all. Our training prepares former military for careers that are in high demand right now.

What We Teach

As specialists in the data cabling and networking sector, TNS Europe trains individuals for careers as network designers, installers, engineers, and maintenance technicians. Our students learn all about the latest technologies and best practices for installing and maintaining both copper and fibre-optic networks. Such training is vital in a world that is becoming increasingly more dependent on global communications via the internet and local networks.

There are plenty of resettlement training providers out there for former military personnel to choose from. Those who choose TNS Europe soon discover that we do more than just teach book knowledge. Our quality classroom training is backed up by extensive, real-life experience working with our clients in the field. In other words, we actually train our students by completing network installation and maintenance jobs we have contracted with our customers. As far as we are concerned, there is no better way to train than to get in there and get your hands dirty.

Here is a partial list of some of the training courses we offer:

You will notice this list includes training related to City & Guilds and the Fibre Optics Association. That is because TNS Europe works with both organisations to provide certified, industry-leading training that meets the highest possible standards. For the record, we also offer training to professionals looking to be certified in various Cisco systems. It is all part of our commitment to making sure that former HM Forces members have the skills needed for a long and successful career in data cabling and networking.

Begin Training Right Away

As a current or former member of the armed forces, your discharge means embarking on an entirely new life in the private sector. Do not wait for a career to find you. Go out and make your career by training as a data cabling or networking specialist. In doing so, you will be on the cutting edge of modern technology – technology that is driving the global commerce and communications of the future. TNS Europe is standing by to help you get started with your training right away.


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