HM Forces Resettlement Training Courses

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Every year, thousands of HM Forces personnel leave the service upon fulfilling their obligations. Hundreds more may be let go early due to budget constraints. The question is, what are all of these people to do in terms of launching a career capable of sustaining them for the remainder of their lives? If you are among those planning to retire from military service this year, you should consider HM Forces resettlement training with TNS Europe.

TNS Europe is a training, consultancy, and installation firm established in 2008 by professionals with extensive experience in IT and telecoms. We train individuals in numerous technology programmes related to data cabling, fibre-optic networking, and fibre-to-the-antenna (FTTA). We are especially proud of the fact that we offer discounted training to former HM Forces personnel.

We are approved by the Career Transition Partnership (CTP) and Enhanced Learning Credit Administration Services (ELCAS) schemes to provide HM Forces resettlement training here in the UK. The CTP is a joint programme between the Ministry of Defence and Right Management, designed to help former military personnel launch careers after leaving the service. ELCAS provides financial assistance, by way of individual credits, to help former service members pay for career training. Both schemes make it possible for you to get the training you need to embark on a successful career.

HM Forces Training and Re-Training Options

Now that you know a little more about HM Forces resettlement in relation to the CTP and ELCAS, the next point of consideration is the various options for training you have through TNS Europe. Here are just a few examples of programmes you might consider:

  • Certified Telecoms Installer – This training programme prepares you for a career in the telecoms sector. You will learn how to install, maintain, and troubleshoot networking systems that include the latest fibre-optic technology. This is a high-quality programme recognised throughout the industry.
  • Certified Telecoms Professional – Individuals interested in more extensive telecom training can follow this career track, which will prepare them for installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting nearly every type of network conceivable. It includes everything from fibre optic to copper cabling.
  • Certified Network Professional – The certified network professional receives some training for fibre optic and cable network installation and maintenance. But that training is taken one-step further to include networking hardware.

We have provided just three examples of the types of training you could receive through the HM Forces resettlement training programme offered by TNS Europe. Our training programmes are recognised throughout the industry as being more than capable of preparing students for lifelong careers that are both productive and rewarding. More importantly, our training includes real-life experience in working environments – experience that enables our students to 'get their hands dirty'.

We want you to enjoy the benefits of HM Forces resettlement training as a former member of the armed forces. Please contact us for more information about courses, fees and the many benefits of training with us.

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