Get Certified As a Network Cabling Installer with Our C&G Course

City and Guilds network cabling installer course

There is little doubt that the modern world of communications and commerce relies heavily on local, national, and global networks. However, in order for those networks to accomplish the tasks at hand, new networks must be installed to increase interconnectivity between business and government partners. The network cabling installer is an integral part of new network installation across the UK.

A career as a network cabling installer is one that will provide the individual worker with good pay and long-term stability. Network cabling is one of the hottest career choices right now, for anyone interested in a technology sector job involving network installation, design and troubleshooting. TNS Europe can help you get started in your career with our City & Guilds (C&G) Certified Network Installer course.

This course is the starting point for anyone looking to enter a career as a network cabling installer. As a C&G certified course, it is recognised around the world as being one that prepares candidates to properly install communications network cabling to worldwide standards. Upon completion of this course, successful candidates are awarded the 3667 Level 2 Communications Cable Full award.

What Training Entails

Our Certified Network Installer course is a two-week course covering four separate modules over nine days of training. Students learn basic telecommunications principles, the principles of internal and external fibre-optic networks, and the principles of structured cabling. Each of the modules is taught by instructors who are former armed forces and have 20 years or more in the industry.

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Completion and certification enable successful candidates to begin looking for work as data engineers, network engineers, and more. Any job dealing with the design and installation of fibre-optic or copper cable networks could be potentially filled by one of our graduates. The knowledge this course imparts opens up numerous possibilities for both private and public sector employment.

Succeed with TNS Europe

Our goal at TNS Europe is to produce highly skilled individuals capable of succeeding in the modern technology workplace. We do not take our responsibility toward students lightly. Our entire company, and our trainers especially, work very hard to ensure that every student rises to his or her individual potential. As proof of our commitment to candidates, we are proud to say we have a 100% closed book exam pass rate for this course.

Candidates should understand that our training goes well beyond book knowledge learned in the classroom. As much as 70% of our training involves hands-on work in real-life scenarios that the network cabling installer is likely to encounter after completion. We do this because we understand the best way to learn is to actually do the work. By the time our students finish this course, they are fully trained and extremely competent in network cable installation.

Network cable installers will be in high demand for the foreseeable future. Until the world is connected at every possible juncture, and that will take a while, there will be a need for experienced network cabling installers and engineers throughout the UK and beyond. This course is your opportunity to embark on a rewarding and exciting career, as either a young person just starting or an older worker transitioning into a new career.


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