Fibre Optic to the Home Ready for Significant Expansion

BT Group's dominance in the UK fibre-optic sector may be in jeopardy with the announcement of plans by the regulator to force the telecom giant to allow others to connect to its fibre-optic cables. Ofcom says giving others access to the networks will result in greater competition and subsequent price drops for both businesses and residential homes. If the regulator is right, fibre-optic-to-the-home (FTTH) could be on the verge of significant expansion within the next 12 to 18 months. Ofcom hopes to have regulations implemented by the end of 2017.

In light of these plans, now would be an excellent time to take advantage of TNS Europe's FOS FTTH training programme. This programme requires the completion of our Certified Fibre-Optic Technician course as a prerequisite. The awarding body is the Fibre Optics Association, meaning the earned certification is recognised worldwide.

What You'll Learn

Taking the FOS FTTH gives you the necessary knowledge to work on fibre-optic networks on a variety of planes. You could be installing brand-new cabling or connecting existing cabling to a cabinet, commercial building, business operation, or residential home. We cover the entire scope of technical knowledge as well as the latest trends including EPON, GPON, point-to-point, point-to-multi-point, and others.

As this training course prepares you to work in the rapidly changing fibre optic arena, we go beyond book knowledge to give you an opportunity to install and test passive fibre-optic networks. Your hands-on work will give you the practical experience you need to hit the ground running upon completion of the four-day course. And make no mistake; there is no substitute for hands-on experience in the arena of data cabling and networks.

Upon completion of the FOS FTTH course, you can continue receiving advanced training for further knowledge and enhanced skills. Alternatively, you can use the certification anywhere in the world to start looking for work as a fibre optic network installer, tester, or maintenance technician.

The Future of Fibre-Optic

If there's any doubt about the future of fibre-optic networking as a dominant force in the marketplace, one only need take a look at the actions of Ofcom. They are not planning to push BT to open up its fibre-optic networks simply because they need something to do. They believe the wider adoption of fibre networks around the UK is vital to ensuring we remain a leader in the technology sector. If it is important to the regulator, it is going to be important to businesses and providers of residential telecom services.

FTTH is poised to see significant growth and expansion in the very near future. That means companies specialising in fibre optic installations will be looking to hire certified and experienced network installers and technicians. TNS Europe invites you to get started on the ground floor of what could eventually become one of the most important technological revolutions of this past quarter-century.

Consider enrolling in the four-day FOS FTTH course to either enhance your career path or embark on a brand-new career as a fibre optic installation specialist. The future is yours to take hold of, so why not do it today? Fibre-optic can be your ticket to a long and rewarding career in telecommunications.


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