Fibre Optic Networking: Be Part of Something Big

fibre optic network training

Fibre Optic Networking: Be Part of Something Big

Copper is still the dominant cabling used to power the world's networks. However, ever since fibre-optic was introduced as an option for high-speed data communications, it has been growing steadily. By enrolling in our FOA CFOTS course and learning about the installation and maintenance of fibre-optic networks, you have the opportunity to be part of this burgeoning communications trend. You have the opportunity to be part of something big.

Our Certified Fibre Optics Technician (CFOTS) course is a one-week course that earns students certification from the Fibre Optics Association (FOA), one of the leading trade groups for fibre optics in Europe. Completion of the course enables candidates to immediately begin looking for work or continue with additional training through TNS Europe or the FOA. The course is taught by Certified Fibre Optic Specialist instructors who have at least five years’ experience working in the field as well as an additional five years of teaching experience.

By the Numbers

How lucrative is a career in fibre optics? Let us consider some statistics from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. According to their data, the number of fibre-optic subscriptions worldwide grew by nearly 14% in the 12 months ending in June 2013.

Japan and Korea hold the top two spots for fibre-optic penetration at 68.5% and 62.8% of broadband connections, respectively. Switzerland is the highest-ranking European country with a penetration rate of 35.9%. However, the level of local growth is as important as total penetration.

The UK, for example, saw the second-highest growth rate in fibre-optic connections at 172%. Mexico's growth rate during the same 12-month period was 290%. The numbers clearly show that fibre optic networking is now at the top of the list of choices for new networks. A career in fibre-optic cabling, network installation and network troubleshooting will offer you a lifelong opportunity with no shortage of challenging and exciting work.

What You Will Learn

TNS Europe's FOA CFOTS course prepares students for careers as fibre-optic technicians capable of installing and maintaining telecom fibre networks. Our course is divided into four modules:

  1. Fibre optic basics
  2. Fibre optic cabling internal networks
  3. Fibre-optic cabling external networks
  4. Fibre testing.

The course includes instruction on basic network design as well as the principles of how fibre-optic cabling delivers reliable broadband internet access and high-speed data communications. It instructs students in the principles of designing and building fibre-optic networks in order to provide maximum performance across networks of every size and scope. Finally, it prepares our technicians to maintain and troubleshoot networks at every level.

Completion of the course includes FOA membership. Association members can go on to complete additional training for a number of specialities, including fibre optic splicing and fibre optic at home. The FOA even has a jobs website linking employers with new graduates looking for work. Membership enables you to continue learning and progressing through your career in fibre optics at whatever pace you choose.

Your career as a certified fibre optics specialist can begin with the FOA CFOTS from TNS Europe. Please contact us for more information, including course schedule and pricing.


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