City & Guilds Training: Your Ticket to Career Advancement

City & Guilds training courses

TNS Europe is proud to offer City & Guilds training courses because we know these are the ticket to career advancement in the network installation and data cabling industry. Workers with City & Guilds certificates are in a better position to get the best jobs and the most advancement opportunities. If you are currently working in the field without certification, you should seriously consider enrolling in some of our courses.

The City & Guilds Group is an organisation that seeks to encourage economic growth by helping individuals reach the full potential of their skills and training. The organisation works with government leaders, education providers, businesses, and individuals in more than 80 countries. Part of their mission is to establish relevant qualifications that set standards for career training and development. To date, they have developed more than 500 qualification standards for 28 different industries.

City & Guilds 3667 Level 2 Course

The TNS Europe City & Guilds 3667 Level 2 Course is designed to be the starting point for individuals either just beginning a career in communications or looking to advance in an established career. The four-module course begins by teaching the principles of communications in the modern era. The remaining three modules deal with fibre optic cable installation and internal network testing, fibre optics and external networks, and voice and data cabling.

It is important to note that more employers now require City & Guilds certification in order to work in the data cabling and networking industry. Therefore, even if the training you have received has all been done on the job, you may find your work opportunities limited in the future without certification. This course takes care of that concern.

Who benefits from the course? For starters, brand-new workers who have not yet begun their careers in communications. These are individuals looking for long-term employment in IT, broadband engineering, fibre-optic or data cabling, project management, electrical engineering, and more. Virtually any career involving data communications could benefit from this training and certification.

Training for the Future

We cannot stress enough the fact that the City & Guilds 3667 Level 2 Course is more than just necessary training to get hired today. It is also training for the future. As the world becomes ever-more dependent on high-speed, global networking, the demand for certified engineers and network installers will only increase. Getting in on the ground floor of the industry today will ensure a long and productive career in the data communications field.

Each of the courses offered by TNS Europe meets or exceeds all of the standards for the given subject matter. Our goal is to prepare our students to be the best they can be in an industry that will settle for nothing less. If you are looking to start your career in the networking industry, or you want to advance beyond where you are now, consider training with TNS Europe. We offer a full programme of training courses for the data cabling and networking industries.

City & Guilds 3667 Level 2 Course