Certified Telecoms Installer Level 3

Ever since fibre-optic cabling was introduced in the 1970s, it has held the promise of being the perfect medium for high-speed networking for enterprise, government, commercial, and residential needs. Nevertheless, not until about ten years ago was fibre optic a reality for residential applications. Upgrading networks from copper to fibre was too costly in relation to the rewards provided – a reality that was further solidified at the start of the recession. Today that is no longer the case. Europe is now in the midst of a networking revival that is seeing more fibre-optic conversions at a faster pace. That's why we are so excited about our Certified Telecoms Installer Level 3 course.

This course follows a standard BTEC regimen rather than being customised, so it is ideal as an entry-level course for the network installer and troubleshooter. When you take this course with TNS Europe, you will learn how to install and test fibre-optic and telephony cabling for multiple applications. You will also learn how to perform regular maintenance and troubleshooting tasks.

Ideal for HM Forces Personnel

Our Certified Telecoms Installer Level 3 course is ideal for HM Forces personnel planning to leave the service in the near future. Why? Because their work in the military may mean they have already completed key components of this course as part of their military training. In such a case, the course allows additional qualifications to be added to past training. It represents a fast track from former military to the private networking and data cabling industry.

We are especially proud of the training our students receive in this course inasmuch as it is recognised by well-known companies such as BT and Virgin Media. This is a BTEC accredited course taught by approved instructors with real life experience in fibre optic and telephony cabling. It also forms part of the Qualifications and Credit Framework for England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Your New Career Is Waiting

Certified Telecoms Installer Level 3 is a two-week course that represents an excellent entry point for anyone looking to get into the networking and data cabling industry. Whether you are preparing to leave the forces, just starting a new career or looking for something different as a result of redundancy, your new career as a network installer and troubleshooter is waiting.

Fibre optic networks are the high-speed networks of the present and future. As we push toward greater connectivity between commercial enterprises and individual residences, more copper networks will be converted to fibre-optic. All new installations will be fibre-optic as well. It should be obvious that the industry is now in need of trained, certified professionals capable of installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting fibre-optic networks.

TNS Europe works hard to make training highly effective while still enjoyable at the same time. We offer a learning environment that includes hands-on, real-life training scenarios intended to prepare you for what you will encounter in the working world. We also boast a 100% closed book exam pass rate, an accomplishment of which we are especially proud. If you are interested in training for a career in network installation and troubleshooting, contact TNS Europe today.